Weaving with old Rag Rug Rags

Here is what I made of the tangled warp.I love the rag balls and determined while working with them that they surely were meant for weaving rag rugs.Such a pleasure it was to think of the woman who made them.Each rag was carefully sewn to the next and all were uniform in size and weight.They were nice and narrow so turned the corners beautifully at the selvedges.

The second photo shows all of the pieces I wove with the rags.They are about 25” long.I wove in something interesting at the tops of each of them.The third photo shows one of the horse hair pieces.The fourth, weaving with twigs that had little dried berries.The last photo is with rose hips and rose canes.What a pleasure to weave with some large wefts for a change.Now the loom is getting ready for the next project: more ruffles.
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2 thoughts on “Weaving with old Rag Rug Rags”

  1. These are beautiful and very inspirational. What lovely works of art were hidden in those carefully prepared rags, and you have brought them together with nature’s works to make these pieces. Very clever. We should all try to be more adventurous in our thinking and our weaving. Thank you.


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