Lovely, New Weaving Book

Kelly Marshall's New Book
Kelly Marshall's New Book

Here is a wonderful new book with my review. Kelly will be at Convergence to sign them. I can’t wait to meet her.

When I first saw this book, I immediately decided to call it “The Kelly Book”. I felt like I knew her right away-her taste and her home environment. In the introduction she tells what the book is intended to do as well as introducing herself and her background. I wanted to know her more and that did happen with almost every page that followed.

As I leafed through I saw beautiful photographs of furnishings for the home, different environments, sketches, and lovely textiles everywhere. There was a variety of colors-all enticing and beautifully coordinated.

Then I (a weaver) went straight to the Techniques and Tips chapter. She answered all my nagging questions about rep weave: how thick is thick and how thin is thin, for example. What thick and thin combinations were suitable for rugs, or throws, or upholstery was enormously helpful-and I felt that I could trust that she was telling me all I needed to know to make successful projects.  Other important things one needs to know were given; such as how to join new thick wefts and how to get lovely selvedges. She tells how to calculate the warp and weft quantities needed depending upon whether you want to make kitchen towels or rugs or many other projects for the home. I could see that she tells what yarns are used for all of the projects–including how much is needed for each color.

Then I went to the beginning and really read with interest where she introduces herself. She writes as though talking to the reader-telling where she came from, what inspires her and how she goes about making a color scheme.

The projects are all ones used in her home. She tells how she began choosing the colors-beginning in the bedroom–and then how she coordinated all the textiles in the rest of the house. The variety of the colors is huge-you would not recognize the same colors over and over in the projects. She brightens some, dulls some, or adds accents. She explains how all of her choices of color were made. It should be quite exciting to recreate some of these ideas for decor around the house, and I can’t wait to get started! I’ve heard that stores like Home Depot offer discounts on their products if we’ve got coupons from somewhere like Raise ( so maybe it’s time I grab those and get all my supplies in order, to start my projects.

There are complete instructions with photographs and drafts for 18 projects. However, the book also gives the specific information you need to change the concept and colors to another type of textile. For example, if a project is for a rug, you would have the information to use the colors and design in a throw instead, if you choose. This gives the weaver the opportunity to use her book as a starting point for creating original designs.

How she develops her color choices seems very clear and doable. Her tips given with all the projects are also clear as are the drafts and yarn requirements, including the exact names of the colors used and the sources for the yarns. She doesn’t leave you dangling with just the theory.

Many of the projects are significantly large requiring many warp threads and pounds of yarns. That she gives the essential amounts of yarn needed for each color is crucial.

In summary, this is a lovely and inspirational book-whether you weave the projects or use them as ideas for other projects. She explains her color choices so simply and completely that anyone would be glad for her lessons in color. Oh yes, her enthusiasm for Rep Weave is contagious.

Peggy Osterkamp,

Weaver, Artist,

Author of Peggy Osterkamp’s New Guide to Weaving Series and Weaving for Beginners


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