My Weaving Art Book Goes to Press

Woven Work

Woven Work

My art book went to press on time: April 25. I will be printing 50 copies to have at Convergence, the national weaving convention, held in Long Beach, California. Dates are July 18-21. My booth is #535. I can’t wait to share my work over 37 years with people stopping in. I’ll have many of the pieces shown in the book for sale in the booth as well as the book and all of my other books. This book will have numbered copies and of course, I’ll sign them. Let me know if you are interested. By only printing a few, the cost is significant. I’m just covering my expenses for this First Edition. Introductory and Convergence price: $175. Regular price: $200. (There are over 60 pages, all in color with many detail photos–hardbound, too.) Everyone says it’s beautiful and I think so, too.

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