Peggy Osterkamp’s Fiber Optics Surprise

Peggy Osterkamp's Fiber Optics Surprise

3 thoughts on “Peggy Osterkamp’s Fiber Optics Surprise”

  1. Hello Peggy- It’s fabulous to see your optic pieces. My daughter Allison spoke with in Oakland about your optic surprise! Bet there was a big wow when you turned it on. Hard to tell much from the photo but it must be similar to your Orchid piece.
    Allison and I have been experimenting with the optic fiber samples we have been able to obtain. In your sampler on the screen during your presentation, what fiber are you using? Are you working with a firm ? We have gotten some side emitting fiber from SensingTex, litetec and Lumitex and others. Have you tried photonic crystal fiber?
    I have been weaving casually for about 15 years. Now that I am retired from molecular biology I actually have time for lots of fun experimenting with weave structures and materials! I am a member of the Boulder Handweavers Guild.
    I’d love to chat with you and compare notes.
    Look forward to meeting you. I know you only thro your books and blog.
    Becky Vanderslice


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