Weaving with Sewing Thread

sewing threads 1
Weaving with Sewing Threads 1

I used a 4-shaft loom for this project. This piece began as an experiment at the beginning of the warp to see which combination of colors I liked best for the top layer of cloth. Many of the pieces on this warp were double weave — woven as tubes. I liked the idea because I could have the sett very open this way. (Some pieces were one layer – with double the number of ends per inch.) So, I had two layers, but making them into a tube meant only one shuttle was needed–a good thing.
After all the experiments, I choose the combination of having shafts 1 & 2 on top and 3 & 4 on the bottom. There are maybe 6 different combinations of shafts I tried. See my book Weaving for Beginners, for an introduction to the basics of double weave and how different shafts can be used for the layers. Often people learn that 1 & 3 are one layer and 2 & 4 are on the bottom. This is only one combination you can use.
The ruffles came when I pulled up the supplementary warps and sort -of rouched the layers. You can see that each section I wove was divided by a row or two with the supplementary warp woven in. See previous posts about this sewing thread warp to learn more about the supplementary warp I used.

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