My New Weaving


First Woven Page
First Woven Page (click to enlarge)

I’ve been weaving the sewing thread warp. My idea is to weave small pieces that remind me of pages in books. I won’t make books, but show just these “pages”. It’s such fun to see what I can do with only 4 shafts. The warp is 10 shades/colors of sewing thread. I think the sett is 60 epi. I can weave it as a single layer at 60 epi or as a tube at 30 epi. This really gives me flexibility.The supplementary warp is threaded between the heddles so it doesn’t take any shafts. I just put the shuttle below it in the shed when I want it to show on the top. I can have it on the back or in the middle, too.

Four Woven Pages
Four Woven Pages (click to enlarge)

What fun! Here is the first one and a group of four. I’m tempted to show the spools of threads again to show the colors I’m working with.

Sewing Thread Spools for Weaving
Sewing Thread Spools for Weaving

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