Weaving cloth with Wavy Wefts, close up

3 thoughts on “Weaving cloth with Wavy Wefts, close up”

  1. was this done with a special reed (odule? reed) or a wavy piece of plastic/or heavy posterboard. ? I have been searching online for an odule reed but haven’t found one…probably obsolete. I think I will make a wavy product to beat down the weft as my next project. Love your work, and your photos of Italy….on my bucket list of where to visit.

    • Unicorn Books and Crafts has the reeds, I think. My friend modified my look with dowels behind the heddles to tighten and loosen areas of the warp for the waves. I read an article by Peter Collingwood about it. and it was in one of Ann Sutton’s books. Peggy


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