Help for Keynote Speech

I’m looking for weaving jokes or good stories to punch up the keynote speech I’ll be giving to The Northern California Handweaving Conference–CNCH–. It’s not until May, and I’m not panicking but if you have some good jokes, stories, or words of wisdom, please, please remember me and send them along.

2 thoughts on “Help for Keynote Speech”

  1. Hi, Peggy.

    I have agreed to deliver a speech to a group of weavers in Glasgow, Scotland in a couple of weeks.
    I was surfing the web looking for some suitable jokes and came across your request last October on a similar vein. I note your speech was in May of this year – I hope you enjoyed preparing and delivering it.
    I wonder if you received any positive reaction to your request and I would be delighted if you would forward any jokes or stories you felt funny and appropriate.
    Thank you very much.
    Iain Ross
    Glasgow, Scotland


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