A Diagonal I Like

Japanese Sample: Diagonal

I have an old Japanese weaver’s sample book–a treasure given to me by my special friend and mentor, Helen Pope. I have it opened to the page with this glorious diagonal. Somehow, it seems beautifully simple to me. I see that the piece of cloth is cut on the bias. I think surface design techniques could create diagonals, too. I think what I love it it’s boldness.

Japanese Sample Book Pages
Bias Diagonal Close Up (click to enlarge)

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    • Wonderful to hear from you, Dan. All is very well–and I hope for you and your family, too. Thanks for your kind words.

  1. Because it is your birthday in a few days..I got a facebook message about it and discovered your blog…what a treat…it is beautiful and so delicate…it is the perfect balance for Irene (She will be here in a few hours). Thank you so much and …Happy Birthday.


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