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Name on the package with a lock of hair

The hairs in my locks aren’t very long–a few inches and much seems to be brown, so I’m thinking they weren’t for mourning. Maybe they were childrens’. Yet each is labeled with a name. I saw some directions for making braids similar to kumihimo braids to make the jewelry. It seems that strings were tied at the ends of the pieces of hair to start and end the cords. Stands similar to those for kumihimo were shown–even a top hat turned upside-down with a hole cut in the middle is in an illustration. It’s so interesting.

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  1. My friend inherited a large framed art piece that from a distance looked like a wreath. Upon closer inspection, it was formed of small +/- 3 inch locks of hair of many colors. Her great, great aunt had collected snippets of hair from all the family members and composed this beautiful piece. I wish I had a photo of it to show you.
    Vicki Allen

    • Thanks for sharing this. I wonder if the locks were all wound round a few fingers so they were circles? Some of “mine” are like that and some are straight pieces. Making one big piece seems like a great idea.


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