A new Piece

Lock of Hair, #1

Here is my latest piece. I found in my family’s “things” a box filled with small pieces of newspapers wrapped around locks of hair. There might be 40 of them. One newspaper I unfolded today is dated 1872. This is my first attempt to honor them without destroying anything–including the old straight pins that a hold each package.

Pockets for Lock of Hair
Name for Lock of Hair

3 thoughts on “A new Piece”

    • Yes, double weave. I did the pocket with pick up because I was using only 4 shafts and just wanted to experiment. I uses an extremely fine weft for the front of the pocket and a slightly heavier one for the borders–that spaced the fine wefts apart. I just made one big pocket so I could manipulate the objects a bit. I’m glad you figured it out.


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