That Special Tie Up: Only Use 4 Treadles!

One tie up for all 4 shaft looms

I received this comment about the tie up I posted. (Search for tying up your treadles.)


“Thanks for the tie-up, Peggy! What if you have a 6 treadle loom and want to add a tabby tie-up? Is it best to put it in the middle or on the outside treadles, in your opinion?”

Here’s my opinion:
No, no, no!! The extra treadles just get in the way and offer the chance for mistakes. To do tabby put your foot between the treadles and push 1&3 with one foot and 2&4 with the other. Then you can walk the treadles. Which two treadles to not hook up you can decide on depending on how your feet fit the treadles–and what’s comfortable. Getting comfortable helps avoid mistakes. See page 2 in my third book, Weaving & Drafting Your Own Cloth.

3 thoughts on “That Special Tie Up: Only Use 4 Treadles!”

  1. I have a very old counterbalance loom. It is made from different parts, so not from one manufacturer. I am really having a hard time with knowing how to tie up the treadles. Specifically how long I should make the cords (how far from the floor they should rest). Also I see some looms with the treadles mounted at the back and some from the front. Do you have a preference? My husband made some new treadles for it since the ones that came with the loom were too short for me. Now I’m not sure how long they need to be.
    I can’t seem to get to the page you mention here. I am a brand new weaver, so this is all very confusing. Thank you in advance for any help!

    • I refer you to my book which is only available as a PDF, Warping Your Loom & Tying On New Warps. In it I have a thorough chapter on how looms work. There is extensive information there on adjusting counterbalance looms, including how to set the treadles and how long cords should be.


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