A Special Testimonial

“Peggy Osterkamp has done more for getting threads on looms than any other person on the planet.”

At Convergence in Albuquerque last summer, Linda Ligon from Interweave Press stopped by my booth and left this message. I was overwhelmed. She said I could pass it along.
What an honor. My book, Weaving for Beginners, had just come out. The previous three books have more reference material–beyond what the beginner needs to know. These are the ones Linda was familiar with.

4 thoughts on “A Special Testimonial”

  1. Peggy-

    Linda was right, your books have helped me get more warps on my looms with no headaches! I have even grown to enjoy warping.

    Lyn Lucas

    • I couldn’t ask for a better comment. Thanks so much. Would be all right to put it as a post on my blog?

    • Wonderful to hear from you, Lauri. Was your trip grand? How about your dissertation?
      I’m glad to be weaving again.


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