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  1. Peggy, I believe the answer lies in a warp/weft ondule reed as described and shown in Ideas in Weaving by Ann Sutton and Diane Sheehan, p 100-101. Basically a separate metal cam at the top and bottom of the reed pushes parts of the reed forward and backward, so that the beat is uneven. Given this system, it is easy to straighten the fell out when you want to.

    • There are books I’ve bookmarked and kept handy for a few years. But thanks for sending me to the pages I’d marked in “Ideas in Weaving” again. That forward-backward reed on page 101 I didn’t think I could accomplish–and the fan reed was expensive and both need to be raised and lowered, usually using an overhead beater. I have an under-slung beater and haven’t figured out a way (yet) to raise and lower a reed. I used the suggestion on page 104: controlling loose and tight warps. It is also in the Ann Sutton book and another one which is at the studio now by Straub. What stirred me to success was as article by Peter Collingwood about how to loosen and tighten warps with dowels put behind the heddles–and using treadles. That is what we did. I’m thrilled with the results and possibilities. I have a piece of commercial fabric woven this way which I’ve hung on to for years as well. I’ve just looked at Ann Sutton’s and Diane Sheean’s book again. Another page with wavy weft I’d marked is 131–that really inspires me. Thanks for responding.

      • Dear Peggy,
        Yoshiko Wada told me I should contact you about the ondulé obi she said you found while traveling in Japan (maybe with her?) I’ve been weaving ondulé fabrics for a while now, and I just met Yoshiko last summer and had the opportunity to assist her at Arrowmont. She is so generous. Is the obi pictured here the one she means? It is incredible. Peggy I use an underslung beater too and have devised a somewhat simple solution to the raising and lowering: I raise and lower the weaving, not the reed. I admire your work and writing. Contact me through my website if you wish. Thank you.

  2. Hi Peggy
    I saw a reed that would do this in Japan recently. It does not have a flat profile like the Fan reed, it is curved like the waves in the textile. It would need a curved beater base to house this special reed and one that could allow horizontal movement.


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