An Old Curtain Stretcher

Today while cleaning out my studio I found an old fashion curtain stretcher that I think my aunt used to use. I hate to part with it, but I only used it a few times many years ago, so it must get passed on. It has wooden “sticks” that unfold to form a big rectangle the size of a curtain. The whole thing stands up (wobbly) or leans against a wall. There are pins on all four sides. I used it when stretching and drying some large pieces  I did when I was beginning to weave. There is something else–sticks that make a frame and some metal rods–perhaps it is an upright quilting frame. It is going out into the world, too. I used it once–perhaps to stitch hems on a piece, I can’t remember exactly.

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  1. I remember my mother stretching all of our cotton lace curtains on one of those. She would put them out in the backyard to dry. That was a long time ago, indeed!

    • I have some, don’t know if they are all there haven’t checked in a while.My Mother used to Starch our Lace Curtains and Stretch them.With 9 Children I don’t know how she got Lace Curtains.

        • There is no curtain stretcher, I gave it away years ago. Sometimes one comes up so keep checking to see if someone has one to get rid of. You don’t need to correspond with me–just see if one is listed in the comments here and contact them.

        • I have come across a curtain stretcher that was left behind in a rental house. If you are still looking for one, please contact me.

        • I have a set of lace curtain stretchers that belonged to my mother, if interested let me know I am selling them; $18.00 plus shipping!

          • i am the person who has the free curtain stretcher just postage and I live in upper michigan, marquette to be exact.

          • I, too, am looking for a curtain stretcher, but to stretch a hand crocheted tablecloth, if theres still anyone who still has one. My email is

          • I just post them when they become available. Keep checking–one rarely comes in so don’t hold your breath. You might make more of a post that you are looking and where you are located, what you are willing to pay, etc. etc. and I will post it. good luck,

          • Hi pat, do you want just one of them or all three? If s&h isn’t that much I’m not even gonna worry about the money as long as I can get rid of them

          • Hi Pat I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan also and I’ve been looking for a curtain stretcher if you still have one I’m very interested

        • I’ve got one I’m selling. I’m in NE indiana. It can be shipped. Mine is an old wooden one with no markings or makers on it. Feel free to Pm me for more information. I can email pictures to those who are interested.

          • This is for a curtain stretcher–not a loom as I originally thought. Peggy

          • Marvin, Do you wish to sell the one you have? Please let me know and if so how much. Thank You.

      • In the middle of the night I remembered my grandmother’s curtain stretchers and wondered if they were being preserve in a museum or something. Back in the late 40’s we’d set them up in the living room and pin several layers of lace curtains on them. I also remember that there was starch involved and they would come off as stiff sheets when dry.

        I wonder why they are never used in period movie or TV productions. Perhaps the writers are all too young

        • We just inherited one in the box from my dad’s basement. The box is a bit shabby from the basement but it was in the basement rafters so its not rotten inside except just the tip of one board and I don’t see any rust. We were looking it up to see what it value was if any as its likely 60 or 70 yerars old. Dad was 99 when he departed so it must have belonged to mom. They don’t publish our email but I’ll post it this once and see if it flies. We won’t dispose of it for a couple weeks in case you are still looking for one.

  2. What are considering asking for it? I knit a lot of shawls, stoles and scarves and have been looking for a curtain stretcher to help in the blocking. I was hoping that maybe my uncle had kept my grandmother’s but no such luck…he pitched them (she had 3)

    ASKING 75$ NEG,

      • Check out the one available in Wausau, WI–see the comment on my blog dated April 25th. Let me know if it works out. Someone else is interested, too.

      • I have an old curtain stretcher. I believe i may be a Quaker style. Are you still interested in buying one and what do you want to pay for it. I live in Las Vegas, NV.

        • I got rid of mine years ago–but other people may be interested and they do check in on occasion.

  4. do you still have your curtain stretchers? What would be the shipping cost to area code 5902.
    I am weaving my own curtains and meed the stretchers.

    • There is one in Wausau, WI see the comment on my blog dated 4/25/12. See if it works for you and let me know.

  5. New to this site. Found it trying to find a pattern to make an old fashion curtain stretcher. I remember well pricking my fingers multiply times while helping mother when I was a young girl up into perhaps teen years. Can’t when they disappeared or what happened to them. I just cant remember how they adjusted to the different size curtains. I have found that there is not much info on the net about them and the pictures that I have found are not clear enough for me to see exactly how to make them. I was wondering if someone that has curtain stretchers could do me a favor and draw a sketch or take some close up photos of details of mostly who they adjust and post them so I can make some. I would be very grateful and would return the favor in future however I can. Thanks in advance to how ever responds. Lee

    • It just a frame – I think carpet stretecher bars (wooden with the pins(nails) in them could be used to make the frame.

    • Hi I have a curtain stretcher and would be happy to give it a new home, happy to send pix,s to anyone email me @ gailhofmann @

  6. I have a Quaker Curtain Stretcher (1940’s?) for sale. New in box (with instruction sheet)- never used. The box is in poor shape but the curtain stretcher is in great condition. Asking $60.00 plus shipping. Will ship from my zip code to yours for exact cost. Please email me if interested.

  7. I have 2 curtain stretchers that were given to me years ago. I never opened the boxes. Peeked in. I can open and take pics if anyone is interested.

    Both are by Beh& Co. Their shop was originally on Broadway in NYC. I have no idea when.One of the boxes has the original shipping label but of course it is so faded I can not read the year the Post Offices stamped it. Boxes are worn. Taped to hold together. One the bottom is turning to dust.

    One style is Plymouth #47 the other is ACE #17.

    They are currently located in Warwick RI but we are moving to Marion SC at the end of the month. My husband wants me to toss them. I can’t. I need to find some one who can use them. Good stuff should never go in the trash. I think in my past life I lived through the depression.

    Any one interested?

      • There is no curtain stretcher, I gave it away years ago. Sometimes one comes up so keep checking to see if someone has one to get rid of. You don’t need to correspond with me–just see if one is listed in the comments here and contact them.

      • There is no curtain stretcher, I gave it away years ago. Sometimes one comes up so keep checking to see if someone has one to get rid of. You don’t need to correspond with me–just see if one is listed in the comments here and contact them.

      • I have a Maid of Honor (possibly 2) but will sell both boxes together. They were left in the rafters of my attic by the former owners. One box in great shape the other is a little rough so shipping is not possible. Want to sell togeter in case the parts are mixed up together. Have no idea what they are even used for?? I am located in Central Pa.

  8. I have a curtain stretch (possibly 2) if anyone is interested. There are 2 Made of Honor boxes in my attic in Central PA the previous owner left them behind in the attic rafters. I will only sell them together because I am not sure if they were put away correctly however many years ago. One box is in great condition for as many years old as it is and the other didn’t fair so well so I am not sure these can be shipped. Please e-mail me with any interest or questions

  9. I have a curtin stretcher that I need instruction for bought off ebay and it did not come with detailed instruction on how to put it together. I stretch an antigue bedspread. I really need some help here because the weather is great and time to put it outside in the sun. I use to take it to my local cleaner but they have stopped this method and wanted to through it in the dry cleaning machine.. ugh! thanks Rosemary

  10. I have a lace/curtain stretcher that I bought several years ago at an auction. It was all wrapped up in 1940’s newspaper and I thought it was a quilting frame. I live in upstate ny. I can’t speak to the condition as I have never seen one before. There are 5 pieces. 2 with hinges and measurements, 2 more with measurements and 1 without. If you are interested please contact me. I would like to recoup my expenses from the purchase, so I was thinking about $15 plus shipping costs (box and postage). You can email me at

  11. If there’s someone out there, still looking for a curtain stretcher I have one still in its original box. The box is a little worse for the wear, but the stretcher appears to be in excellent shape . I would be interested in selling it.

        • I’ll put this up and you keep checking. that’s the way this seems to work. People are looking and will be checking the site for coments of availablility.

  12. I do quilting and a stretcher would be a very useful tool. My mother had one and we used it as a child. I know how to put it together. How much are you asking for it? I’m interested.

  13. I have a “Maid of Honor” Lace Stretcher that was in my house when I bought it. I don’t think it was ever used. It is in the original box which is not in good condition because it has been in my basement for a long time. Who wants it?

  14. I have my Mother’s 1940s curtain stretcher. We found it in the attic when moving. I remember her stretching the organdy living curtain on this device. Then ironing the ruffles! No one irons any longer either! I would be willing to sell if any of you asking to locate one would still be interested. You can contact me at my email I am in South Carolina.

  15. I have a curtain stretcher that is adjustable to size with measurement marks. Has easel stands to hold upright. Located in Missouri

  16. I have a curtain stretcher. All the parts are there. I have the box. All the pins are in good shape. I had it together yesterday. Text for pictures. I do want to sale it, will take best offer. 317-840-5271. I live in Indiana

  17. I have a curtain stretcher for sale. It has been in my family for 50+ years. It has not been used in 30 years. If interested please E mail me at PVPD@COX.NET. Will ship FOB Southington, CT. Asking $165.00 if interested E mail please.

  18. I have my mother’s curtain stretcher. It is a Montgomery Ward. It still has the instructions in the lid of the box. It is in excellent to new condition. I would like $145.00 for it, but will negotiate. Will gladly ship it for the full asking price. I am in Grand Junction, CO. If interested, please email me at
    I know she would want to see it being used instead of being stored. I also have her spinning wheel and a small and a large floor loom of hers if anyone is interested.

    • please could you just share the instructions from your frame. i have an old sears frame . i dont suppose the directions could be that much different. i live in antigo wis.

  19. Hi! I just unearthed a tablecloth stretcher while cleaning out the basement. It’s 5’x8′ and in its original box. I don’t think it’s ever been opened. Is anyone interested?


    • Hi, I would like more info on size, brand or other size and identifying marks on the stretcher. Where are you located? Also, if you are gifting or selling it, thanks a bunch….Kathleen, Cudahy, WI

  20. Hi, I would like more info on size, brand or other size and identifying marks on the stretcher. Where are you located? Also, if you are gifting or selling it, thanks a bunch….Kathleen, Cudahy, WI

    • I have a Stretchmaster made in Cudahy Wisc.. The numbers on the wood sections go up to 94 inches but each wooden section is no longer than 57 inches. There are no part numbers on any of the sections other than those identifying left side, right side and slider. I am selling the one I have for $30.00 plus shipping if you are interested. Thanks Rudy

  21. I am in Colorado and have one in excellent condition. I want to get it to someone who will make good use of it. Make me an offer…Seeing that is used means the most to me. The box is ratty, but the stretcher is in top notch shape!

  22. I have a Stretchmaster curtain stretcher made by Worldsbest Industries Inc. in Cudahy, Wisc.. It is an old antique wooden type. It has the original box and other than being dusty is in good shape. I will sell this for $30.00 plus shipping. I am located in Crossville, Tn. if you want to pick it up.

  23. I just bought a used wooden stretcher, but it has been many years since my childhood days, could use some instructions to put it together.

  24. I purchased one at an auction. Does anyone have instructions on how to put it together. I would like to use it for quilting.

  25. I have a wooden curtain stretcher that I would be willing to part with. An offer would be appreciated as I don’t know what it is valued at. I live in south suburbs of Chicago and would be willing to ship at your expense. This was my mother in laws years ago. All the pieces are there. Email me at with you interest and put CURTAIN STRETCHER in the subject line so that I will open it. If no response in a day or two, either email again or message me on Facebook. I don’t often look at the spam.

  26. 6 April 2019
    I have a Quaker Curtain Stretcher size 5×8 available. It belongs to my Mom who is a Senior Citizen. It is located in Lilburn, GA 30087.

  27. I have a Maid of Honor curtain stretcher 5′ x 8′ #05731
    It is in really good condition, have the original box but it is in horrible condition.
    looking for someone to pick up in Troy, Michigan and give it a good home.

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