A Weaver’s Stash

I got an email  from a weaver with too many books who hoped that my books were available in PDF format. When I replied that they weren’t she answered, “I think I’m probably just going to have to shuffle up some space on the bookshelves and hope my husband doesn’t notice!”

Before my divorce 11 years ago, I hid a warping reel in our guest room shower stall. Whenever we had a guest, I would sneak  it over to my neighbor’s garage. This week some of you know that I am emptying 1 of my 2 studio rooms and by now I’ve given away over 500 pounds of yarn. And today, some equipment went—I found about 5 or 6 temples stashed away! I think it will feel so good when I get settled into my one room with just the yarns and tools  (and looms) that I think I’ll really use (and those that I couldn’t part with yet!). I hope I don’t have to sort through the books  just now. I’m embarrassed to tell people how much stuff I had stashed away–but many say that they, too, have big stashes!

PS There are “before” photos of my two rooms on my blog posted on January 28th. 

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