Fan Reed Mystery

Obi woven with fan reed (click to enlarge)

Last night before my head hit the pillow I had a solution to the fan reed problem. I wonder if anyone else came up with it? I’ll wait awhile to see, and then post my solution. The problem was how can straight selvedge-to-selvedge wefts be woven as well as the wavy wefts shown
in my obi.

Fan reed

Obi woven with a fan reed (click to enlarge)

5 thoughts on “Fan Reed Mystery”

  1. I read somewhere that reeds are to correct warp faults and “by no means should cover the whole warp”. So that means maybe use a small fan reed connected to a normal reed on either side and that will create straight selvages perhaps!

    • I have no idea what thisis about. Never heard what you are saying. could you explain what faults, why, and what you mean about a reed that doesn’t cover? I am completely mystified. Peggy

      • I agree, reeds are normally supposed to be from selvedge to selvedge, at least. Clara, are you talking about a temple? Oh, is the solution to the mystery about making a straight weave with a fan reed to put the reed half way up? By the way, how does a fan reed work with the shelf on a floor loom beater?


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