4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Working On Lately.

    • It’s a Japanese winder–the “spools” are those big wooden things that are “leg-like” sort of. Have you seen silk wound on them from Japan? Well, to wind off these fine-thread skeins you need the spools to have big diameters like this–you crank and the guide takes the thread back and forth for the length of the spool–it’s a neat thing–especially the primitive mechanism for guiding the thread. I gave up on doing the other fine skeins and sent them to Habu Textiles in NY. They wound them off (5-6 skeins or so) for $125. It was worth it. The skeins are undegummed silk I got in Japan a couple of years ago. Now, what will I weave??(@100epi)

  1. Peggy, I just did this with a 2# skein of cotton floss from Robin & Russ. 3 days off and on! Good luck! Patience is a virtue!

    • I wondered what you all were talking about–thought it might be a skein thing. I just had some fine skeins wound off by Habu Textiles in NY–cost $125 but worth it–I’d had them for two years and could never have unwound them. Now, what to weave?? (at @100epi)

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