Option for a Skein Too Tangled to Unwind

Instead of giving up on a skein that is too tangled to unwind, I cut it which gave me a large hunk of yarn. Then I broke down that hunk into smaller hunks–some about the thickness of a pencil, some fatter, and some thinner.  I cut them to the sizes I wanted. Then I laid them into the sheds in various ways. This can be seen in my silk pieces in the gallery section of this blog.
I also used this idea when I cut off a warp that was a “dog on the loom”.  In that case, I just used the hunks of warp as thick wefts–didn’t cut them and have them extending outside the selvedges.

1 thought on “Option for a Skein Too Tangled to Unwind”

  1. Dear Peggy,
    How lovely to see that you have a blog now! I am subscribed, and look forward to reading. I love your collection of silk pieces, and I gather from your adventures with skein-unwinding that you are continuing to work in silk, so I look forward to seeing more of those. Hope you’re well; I’m still working on the damn dissertation, but *almost* done!


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